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The Cultivar Collection coffees are roast to order and will be roasted on Mondays.

Producer:  Café Granja La Esperanza
Region:  Caidcedonia, Valle del Cauca
Elevation: 1450-1800 masl
Cultivar: Sudan Rume
Process: Washed

CUPPING NOTES: Green apple acidity, lavender, candied cinnamon sweetness, long lingering finish.

Located in Colombia’s Valle de Cauca, brothers Luis and Rigoberto Herrera co-manage a collective of farms under the name Café Granja la Esperanza. Founded by their grandfather in 1940, Café Granja has since expanded to five separate farms over the past 77 years. These farms exemplify the innovation and stewardship undertaken by the brothers’ father, as they diversified their coffees to include unique varieties - something that was nearly unheard of at the time.

In the same spirit, Rigoberto (who goes by Don Rigo) recognized one of the farms, Cerro Azul, as a perfect place to continue this type of experimentation, and planted 30,000 geisha trees. This would be the first time the Panama Geisha cultivar was planted in Colombia. An additional 4,000 trees of a relatively unknown Sudan Rume cultivar were also established on another nearby farm, Las Margaritas, and both Cerro Azul and Las Margaritas provide an extremely unique glimpse into the terroir of this region. The geographic position of these particular lots - including the balance of temperature maintained by the wind and sun, the elevation, soil composition, and humidity levels - was deemed by Don Rigo to be optimal for these finicky, low-yield, but extremely high-quality cultivars.

In addition to the uniqueness of the microclimate, these coffees also benefit from an extremely detailed washed process. Because of the traditionally low yield of the two cultivars, extremely meticulous picking is essential to maximizing the crop size. Once picked, cherries undergo a zero-water de-pulping process, are then fermented under water for 19-22 hours, and transferred to mechanical driers that slowly and precisely control the drying process. The resulting coffee is unparalleled.

The Sudan Rume has crisp green apple, acidity and a candied cinnamon sweetness. These flavors open up to soft florals, with a lavender flavor lingering long into the finish. The Geisha brings the classic flavor profile that helped it become famous, reminiscent of Yigracheffe: grapefruit, meyer lemon, sweet jasmine undertones, with structured complexity and clarity throughout. Finally, we also align with the socio-economic vision of Café Granja la Esperanza, dedicated to support and enhance the lives of the people who are connected to it, which we find very inspiring. To quote Don Rigo:

I see Café Granja la Esperanza contributing to what we all want in Colombia and the world: the contribution to peace, creating jobs, giving support, giving good treatment to the people who work in the countryside. In the countryside, we have a lot of development, work and study, we have dreams to live well, to make this country something better for all of us every day. That is the future of Café Granja la Esperanza: sowing peace, development, and education for people.”

 In addition to the dynamic and unique cup profile, and the shared spirit of innovation and quality, we are happy to extend the entire vision of Café Granja la Esperanza with these two very special offerings, our first Cultivar Collection.

Net Weight 340g / 12oz

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