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Cooperative:  Various

Producers:  Multiple
Region:  Agaro Town, Jimma, Ethiopia
Elevation: 1800-2200 masl
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed

Farm:  Intag Apuela

Producer:  Multiple Shareholder
Region:  Intag, Imbabura, Ecuador
Elevation: 1600 masl
Variety: Caturra, Typica
Process: Washed

CUPPING NOTES: Heavy flavors of salted caramel and fig, layered with vanilla aromatics, soft red apple acidity.

The Specialty Coffee marketplace has exploded over the past decade. On the consumer side, specialty focused cafes once reserved for the most discerning neighborhoods can now be found in almost every city, with skilled baristas meticulously showcasing sublime coffees roasted by talented roasters. The art of roasting has become meticulously scientific, with new technology offering metrics to quantify the connection between roast technique and resultant flavor profiles, driving a spike in roast quality. At the same time, brewing technology has improved immensely to meet this increased demand for quality and efficiency. Most importantly, this has created a market appreciative of and willing to pay higher premiums for high quality coffee.

On the supply side, farmers around the world are starting to experiment in every step of cultivation, with a sharp eye on improving quality. With the growth of the specialty marketplace, improvement in quality of agriculture results in better business and quality of life. As experimentation offers new and different profiles of their own coffees, farmers have been motivated to become more accountable and careful through the whole cultivation process.  This evaluation of product informs more experimentation, thus closing the loop. As the cycle continues forward, quality continues to rise, and the specialty coffee marketplace is pushed forward.

Amid this intersection of quality improvement, progressive focus, and socio-economic impact is the inspiration for our newest offering, a seasonal blend that offers an unique glimpse into these topics.

The namesake 21, is taken from the Solstice, occurring twice a year on the 21st of June and December, and has historically served as nature’s constant reminder of change, progress, renewal, and reflection

80% of this blend is made up of coffees from Agaro Town, near Jimma, Ethiopia, where some consider home – the birthplace of coffee. Coffees from this region are known for pronounced cleanliness, elegant florality and lingering sweetness, representing a very distinct, classic flavor profile that is superior to almost any other.

The remaining 20% is from a community of coffee growers in Intag, Ecuador, where specialty coffee is just beginning to become to blossom. This coffee is a blend of six different independent farmers that decided to band together, creating a culture of accountability around quality, with each one encouraging the other to keep their focus on quality processes in order to see their blend improve. They feed off each other’s creative energy, exploring and experimenting, working to make their coffee better.

Structurally, the emphasis of the flavor profile is sweetness: deep, heavy flavors of salted caramel and fig, layered with vanilla aromatics. This sweetness is complimented nicely by a subtle acidity like that of a red apple. As we enter the winter solstice, our first seasonal blend evokes imagery of warm, comfortable places, and is designed to be approachable, shared, and appreciated by all.

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