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Producer: Mauricio Salaverria
Region: Ataco Apaneca, Llamatepec Mountain Range
Altitude: 1400-1450 masl
Variety: Orange Bourbon
Process: Washed

CUPPING NOTES: Orange marmalade and buttercream, with richly dense structured sweetness and depth.

Divisadero Café Farms, owned and run by Mauricio Salaverria, is a collection of coffee farms located in the Apaneca highlands, roughly 2.5 hours by car from San Salvador, El Salvador. If “Divisadero” sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve used Divisadero coffee on and off as a mainstay in our 01 blend. When it comes to specialty-grade coffee, high quality and reliability at a large scale is incredibly difficult to manage, but Mauricio seems to have found a great stride. He is exporting almost 5 containers of specialty grade coffee per harvest.

This level of quality is hardly accidental. Mauricio is known as one of the most progressive coffee figures in El Salvador. He prides himself on consistent high quality, receiving 3 awards in the top 10 Cup of Excellence in 2015. He is a young farmer experimenting with processing methods, unique varietals and drying techniques, paying close attention to every step of the cultivation process. Each of these “experiments” are separated and sold as “micro-lots,” which make up roughly 10% of his total crop yield. Earlier this year we visited his farms and cupped these lots with him. One of them was a clear standout, a varietal separation called “Orange Bourbon.”

Like most other fruits, there are many varieties within the Coffee Arabica species. Think about all the different varieties of familiar fruits like apples, oranges, or all the different varieties of grapes that create wine. Each variety gives a distinct flavor experience within the familiar flavor profile of that fruit. Now, apply this same line of thinking to coffee cherries.

Originating from Yemen in the early days, preceding the global spread of coffee, standard Bourbon is one of the two main varieties that all cultivars are bred from, most likely due to its high yield potential and ability to withstand the colder temperatures associated with higher altitudes. Orange Bourbon is a highly distinct variation of standard bourbon, identifiable by its bright orange fruit, as opposed to deep red, which is common for standard Bourbon. This difference on the genetic level not only causes this fruit color, but also in sensory precursors, (aroma, sweetness, acidity, etc.,) so the opportunity to taste Orange Bourbon is an opportunity to get a special window into the flavor profile of Mauricio’s farms.

Of Mauricio’s 5 farms, this Orange Bourbon lot is built from 2 of them: Himilaya and Villia Galacia. Both farms provide ample opportunity for him to experiment with varietal separations and continue to push the envelope of what’s possible.

While it’s not the most complex coffee you’ll drink, it is one of the most balanced, which is one of the reasons we love it.

With a flavor profile of orange marmalade and buttercream, the cup has a richly dense structured sweetness and depth.

Net Weight 340g / 12oz

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