Producer:  Multi-Producer Lot
Region:  Palestina, Huila
Elevation: 1700-1900 masl
Variety: Caturra, Castillo
Process: Washed

As the specialty coffee market continues to evolve, more attention has been placed on high quality decaffeinated coffee, which for decades was an afterthought in globally traded commodity markets. 

Our new decaffeinated offering, 00 Colombia Palestina is a shining example of how quality sourcing combined with innovative decaffeination processes can create something extraordinary. Decaf offee now has a place at the table. 

Like all agricultural products, top shelf decaf starts with top shelf agriculture. Our new 00 is grown by multiple producers in Palestina, a small city in the infamous Huila department of Colombia. Huila has produced some of the best coffees in the country; offering high elevations, a focused farming culture, and refined processing methods. Selecting coffee from this region is a perfect start, but to produce the best decaf imaginable, the decaffeination process needs to be just as dynamic. 

Here’s how decaffeination typically works: Unroasted, green coffee is soaked for extended periods of time in water. Besides removing caffeine, this process also aggressively strips away solubles and key flavor elements, like sugars and acids, from the coffee into the water.

From this extracted water solution, caffeine is removed, and the remaining solution is returned to the green coffee via reverse osmosis. This extraction and re-saturation process is particularly harsh, often ruining a coffees, failing to impart their natural flavor profiles. 

In the case of our 00 Colombia Palestina, decaffeination is achieved via naturally fermenting sugar cane. This fermentation naturally produces ethyl acetate, which promotes a more gentle extraction of caffeine and reintegration of coffee solubles, ensuring that more inherent coffee qualities remain. 

Instead of completely stripping the coffee, this clever application of cane sugar fermentation preserves balanced flavors of ripe pluot and caramel, presenting a decaffeinated coffee unlike others. 

All of the essence, barely any of the caffeine, and a perfect coffee for any application.

Net Weight 340g / 12oz

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Net Weight 340g / 12oz