The Manufactory is an idea that has grown out of Tartine and it’s evolving philosophy on flavor, craft and health.  We believe the powerful platform of collaboration allows many friends, thought leaders, chefs and farmers to challenge our industry, and consequently create beautiful food and improve the livelihood of every link in the chain. 

Coffee Manufactory was built out of a series of circumstances and conversations on what we dreamt to be possible in coffee.  We love that coffee is an agricultural product, much in the same way grain is.  Our partnership with farmers  allows us to source seasonally and to consistently work together to discover and cultivate exceptional coffees.

The beautiful conversion of the little bean into a beverage, that becomes a daily ritual and platform for human connection, is our craft.


We partner with coffee producers and supply chain partners to deliver exceptional coffees in a sustainable manner. Our team's long history of working with farmers allows us to work in a collaborative way to continually improve on quality and build successful and lasting businesses. We believe that partnerships over certifications is a more effective approach to sourcing.

Each of our coffees are transparent to the source, we pay premium prices to insure that quality is effectively managed. Reinvestment at the farm is made and the environment and social aspects of the coffee farming supply chain are managed responsibly.